Associazione Pro Loco “Per Brenzone”
37010 Brenzone sul Garda (Vr)
Via XX Settembre, 8
Tel. +39 045 7420076
Cod. Fisc. e P. Iva 02526960238
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Brenzone sul Garda is a place immersed in nature, located between the slopes of Mount Baldo and Lake Garda. Thanks to its location and pristine territory, offers a variety of products of high quality. Fish is the staple of local cuisine. Every day the local fishermen provide local chefs with freshly caught lake fishes, ready to be processed by our culinary masters and served to the customers. Besides the duality Baldo Garda enriches Brenzone sul Garda with products like the tasty chestnuts of the Baldo and cheeses made thanks to the local goat and cow farms.

Polenta with cheeses:

Preparation: Boil the water in a copper pot, add the salt and pour the corn flour mixing continually. Keep boiling it for at least 40 minutes. Cut the cheeses in small pieces (spicy cheese and savoury cheese) scattering over pepper and cinnamon and then add it slowly to polenta mixing uninterruptedly. Put in addition the olive oil from Brenzone sul Garda mixing until it absorbs. Pour it in a normal bowl and serve it.

Ingredients: 3 l water
             700 gr cornflour
             1200 gr different cheeses
             400 gr olive oil from Brenzone sul G.,
             (salt, pepper)

Traditional bread from Brenzone:

Preparation: put the flour in a pot, make a hole in the middle and add the corn flour, the salt, the bicarbonate, the olive oil and the sugar. Meanwhile boil the milk and add it to the ingredients mixing everything with a fork. Divide the mixture in 6 parts and press each one with the palm and then prick it with the fork. Bake the bread in a fireplace on a grill for about 3-4 minutes. Check the cooking and turn it on both sides till the bread gets brown.

Ingredients for 6 persons: 500 grammes of flour
                           250 grammes of corn flour
                           a glass of olive oil
                           4 spoons of sugar
                           milk ( as much as it takes in order to obtain a bread mixture)
                           1 teaspoon of bicarbonate
                           salt (as much as it takes)

bigoi (spaghetti) with sardines from lake garda:

Preparation: Drain the 4 fillets of sardines from the oil and cut them in small pieces. Warm a part of the extra virgin olive oil in a pot and add the clove of garlic cut into small round shapes, and then add the sardines. Cook it at a slow flame for 10 minutes. Remove the clove of garlic, turn off the flame and add the remaining olive oil. Cook the spaghetti in salted water, drain them, put them in a pot and add the sardine sauce.

Ingredients for 4 persons: 320 grammes of spaghetti
                           4 fillets of sardines from Lake Garda in olive oil
                           1 deciliter of exra vergin
                           olive oil from Garda
                           one clove of garlic

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Associazione Pro Loco “Per Brenzone”
37010 Brenzone sul Garda (Vr)
Via XX Settembre, 8
Tel. +39 045 7420076
Cod. Fisc. e P. Iva 02526960238
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Hospitality Association
Brenzone sul Garda

37010 Brenzone sul Garda (VR)
Via Zanardelli, 22
Tel. +39 045 7420898
Cod. Fisc. e P. Iva 90001100230